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Illegal “Airbnb” sublease: conviction of the tenant confirmed!

On July 26, 2018, I spoke about an important decision about the Airbnb sublease. Tenants had been ordered to reimburse the rent because they had not asked the landlord for permission. (See article here). It was important for the Supreme Court to examine the subject. I Reminder of the decision of the Paris Court of […]

Eviction procedure and right to privacy: no disproportion

This summer, the Court of Cassation had to rule on the balance between two fundamental rights: the right to respect for private life and the right to property. I The question: must the judge hearing the application for interim relief be satisfied that there is a disproportionate interference with the right to respect for private […]

Eviction from a tenant and conservatory seizure

Lawyer at Nice Bar, Maître Ribeiro de Carvalho assist you before, during and after the eviction operation of a tenant, thanks in particular to the conservatory seizure. Used little, foreclosure can prove to be a formidable tool to protect against unpaid rents. I The principle of a precautionary attachment A provisional attachment tends to induce […]

Rental profitability in France: comparison of the different ways

You will find below the link an article of Listglobally on the rental profitability in France of the foreign buyers. To the article by Listglobally The article is fully transcribed below in french. You can call the office of Maître Ribeiro de Carvalho for any further information. La rentabilité locative en France Lorsqu’un client envisage […]

Notification of a promise to sell, the real estate agent must verify the signature of the registered letter

The registered letter is not there for picture for Realtors! This is what the Court of Cassation reminds us in a decision of 21 March 2019. (Court of Cassation 3rd Civil Chamber No. 18-10.772). The Court declared that it “was incumbent on the real estate agent to verify the sincerity, at least apparent, of the […]