Principle :

The Lawyer receives remuneration in return of a mission entrusted to him, whether in counsel or in litigation. This fees correspond to the invoicing of all the acts necessary for the study and the instruction of a case : appointment, legal researches, , redactions etc.

Since the Macron law promulgated in agust 2015, lawyers and clients have to sign a fees agreement.

The lawyer propose a type an agreement : billing time, flate rate agreement or success fees agreement.

The hourly rate of the Cabinet :

The hourly rate charged by the firm is 250 € per hour VAT not included (20%).

Billing time :

A billing time is established periodically. The cabinet can provide an estimate concerning the diligences already done.

Flate rate agreement :

Depending on the nature of the case, a flat-rate agreement may be established in advance.

Success fees agreement:

In some cases, the Cabinet can propose a success fees agreement. According to the law, the lawyer can’t be payed only buy a success fees agreement.

Disagreement :

In case of a disagreemnt between the Lawyer and the Client, the most diligent party may file a request to the Bâtonnier of Nice Bar.