Our expertises

Me Ribeiro de Carvalho puts at your disposal his expertise in real estate law and corporate law to assist you on each of your questions. Having acquired a solid experience in these matters, the problems approached by the firm are diverse and varied.


Real esate sales law

neighbourhood disturbance

Law of leases

Construction law


co-ownership law


Me Ribeiro de Carvalho is a lawyer at the Nice Bar and a real estate lawyer in Nice and the French Riviera. He practices mainly in the field of civil law and real estate law . As such, he can defend you before the civil courts of first instance and appeal. Me Ribeiro de Carvalho can help you to draft offers of purchase real estate or rental contracts. He can also help in disputes between landlords and tenants. He is also a member of the Association of Lawyers in Real Estate Transactions. He therefore has a solid experience of the real estate market on the French Riviera and can help you to buy, sell and especially negotiate your real estate projects. Do not hesitate to contact your business lawyer in Nice and commercial lease lawyer in Nice. Are you looking for a lawyer for the transfer of a business in Paris?

Real estate agent.

For a few years now, lawyers have also been able to act as real estate agents. You can therefore call upon a lawyer to help and guide you in the choice of the best real estate investment. Whether it is for a rental investment or simply the purchase of a principal residence. 

As a real estate lawyer, Me Ribeiro de Carvalho can also help you find or sell a property. He has a solid knowledge of the luxury market on the French Riviera and regularly helps foreign residents to protect their interests, both financial and legal.

Do you want to succeed in a real estate transaction or reach a resolution of a dispute in the real estate sector? Me Ribeiro de Carvalho, lawyer in real estate law in Nice (06) accompanies you whether you are an owner, lessor, tenant, syndicate of co-owners, trustee, buyer or seller, or even a real estate developer, architect, real estate agent, etc.


What does the job of a real estate lawyer involve?

Being a lawyer in law requires expertise in various branches of law: lease law (unpaid and evictions, return of security deposit, drafting of contracts and any other breach of a contractual clause), corporate law and in particular the rules relating to the creation and management of S.C.I (Sociétés Civiles Immobilières), construction law, sales contract law (in particular the rules relating to latent defects), co-ownership law (recovery or contestation of co-ownership charges for example), neighbourhood disturbances, and more broadly the law of obligations and liability law.

As a result, his field of expertise is extremely varied, which justifies the level of his university education.

The real estate lawyer : advisory and litigation activities.

As part of his advisory activities, the real estate lawyer ensures the framework and legal security of his clients and their transactions.

His main activity thus consists in the drafting and modification of legal acts and contracts: offers to purchase, sales contracts, rental contracts such as residential, commercial and professional leases, etc. As an agent in real estate transactions, he puts his clients in contact with potential buyers or sellers, conducts negotiations, conducts visits and informs clients of the legal issues related to your transaction.

As part of his litigation activities, the real estate lawyer prepares his clients’ files to defend them before the civil courts of first instance and appeal (the judicial court with or without mandatory representation, the Commercial Court, and the Court of Appeal).

As part of his activities, he is kept abreast of any legislative, regulatory and jurisprudential developments that may have an impact on his clients’ real estate projects. Finally, the real estate attorney must emphasize pedagogy and a sense of relationship.

Examples of the issues we deal with.

Me RIBEIRO DE CARVALHO practices in all areas of real estate law and assists his private and professional clients. Real estate law covers all the specific rules relating to real estate, in particular the sale and purchase of real estate, rental, commercial leases, co-ownership, construction and town planning rules.
Our law firm in Nice and Paris regularly deals with procedures relating to real estate agent commissions, sales and mediation mandates as well as the liability of various real estate professionals (notary, real estate agent, real estate diagnostician, etc.). We also deal with issues relating to easements, defects, boundary marking and abnormal neighbourhood disturbances on a daily basis.
The firm regularly represents real estate professionals:
  • Liability proceedings to defend notaries ;
  • Legal proceedings to recover the fees of an architect ;
  • Proceedings to recover a penalty clause for real estate agents;
  • Proceedings to recover a penalty clause for real estate agents; Proceedings in summary judgment for promoters.
Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you can entrust the defense of your interests to Me Ribeiro de Carvalho whose field of intervention is resolutely directed towards real estate law, transfers of business and civil liability.