international publicity

More than 18 millions visitors

Maître Ribeiro de Carvalho take care himself of the publicity.

From a new géneration, he is up to use classicals ways like newspaper but also specialised website and like Se Loger, Bienici, Parvvendu, Green Accres etc.

He uses too for prestigious property “Belles demeures or “Le Figaro immobilier” for exemple.

Me Ribeiro de Carvalho also has an important network on Linkedin.

Maître Ribeiro de Carvalho is also a member of A.A.M.T.I which is the first and older national association of real estate attorneys. The association has a lot of networks in the most important Bar (Paris, Nice, yon, Marseille, Bordereaux ect) but also abroad like Londres, Rome and Lisbonne.

This platform dedicated to lawyers allows to spread the publicity of the property in the entire country but also abroad thanks to its parternships.

Maître Ribeiro de Carvalho is affiliated with ListGlobally, which is one of the world’s largest real estate networks.

Listglobally is the certainty of offering its property to more than 75 countries and nearly 18 million visitors.